Monday, November 15, 2010

Kind of Like Spitting

This is a music post

these albums are almost only what i've listened to for the last few months.

 Some of my favorite songs are on this album. The Braid cover is the best.
Kind of Like Spitting (a.k.a The Blue EP)

Happy is the highlight track. Alot of memorable moments. Less cohesive as an album.
You Secretly Want Me Dead

Birds of A Feather, first of all.  Then Dodge Dart and The Rest Is up to You.
Nothing Makes Sense Without it

Great, but less awesome tracks. 
Old Moon in the Arms of the New

This is the only album i haven't gotten into.
Bridges Worth Burning

The track "You Can't Get Stoned Enough" on this is worth the download alone. I Just started listening to this.
Learn: The Songs of Phil Ochs

I absolutely love each and every acoustic track on this album. The electric stuff i usually skip. Still, one of his best.
In the Red

Great guitareneering on Hands. A few other good songs on here.
The Thrill of the Hunt

soe sort of EP. has an alternate version of birds of a feather. obviously
Birds of A Feather


Saturday, November 13, 2010

i fill every street

i think i have a lung infection. i don't go outside much. i gave up on myself last night.

so what reasons do you have to go outside each day?

Sunday, November 7, 2010


i apologize for the lack of posts. let me fill you in:
i moved out of my old place on the 31st, halloowweenn, started feeling sick around then, moved into my new place on the first, and i had two 8 hour classes back to back yesterday and the day before. there it is.

all my free time has been spent watching

and playing streetfighter. and smoking weed and cigarettes, and a 30pack of coors light was lost somewhere in there too.

its daylight wastings time so set your clocks back.

and now its raining.

and here is a picture of me doing somthing i don't remember doing

Thursday, November 4, 2010

the rest is up to you

with the combined efforts of my roommate and i, a super nintendo, two controllers, and a streetfighter2turbo cartridge were assembled in our living room last night.

i have enough beer but zero weed for the rest of the day.

i don't think i can resist the street fighter...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

what a wonderful puddle i played in

Im sick.

I just moved into my new place yesterday. my old landlord is sucking as much as she can from my deposit and delaying its return to me.

I voted today.


Bob Nanna / Mike Kinsella - "Chesterfield King"

and Braid.

Halloowweenn was lame.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

sweet tooth

i've been playing
on a n64 emulator. (google project 64 if you want it).
great game, i don't think i ever finished it on the 64.

i bought a pinch of weed from a hippie  on the street last night.

and im a top listener on kindoflikespittings last fm page

protip: buy pizza instead of groceries

Monday, October 25, 2010


im broke you guys. thats my excuse for not going outside. going outside = spending money.

this is mostly what i eat

at  $0.44 a package, how could i not?

i've been having trouble sleeping too. i havent fallen asleep until 5AMish the last few nights.

oh and i'vebeen putting off a paper all day. its due in a few hours. sounds like a problem for a future me.